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A bit of my story

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Specialized in



Mindful Eating 

MB-EAT and ME-CL protocol

Translation and Interpretation:


Consultancy and recording of meditations In English - French - Portuguese.

Madalena Pedroza is a native of Brasilia with an international soul, leaving Brazil at a young age, she learned a lot through her experience living among different cultures in several countries around the world. A researcher of what it means to live in the world and well, she is always looking for the healthiest and most lucid way to maintain  mind and heart as open as possible, for the benefit of everyone. She went through processes with theater, a training  in Waldorf pedagogy, another in Ayurvedic massage, and many therapeutic explorations. She graduated in Languages, and became involved in translation and interpretation projects for many years, mostly in the field of self-knowledge and human growth.


But only when she engaged in being present here and now, in practicing mindfulness, she truly found a balanced synthesis of what she was looking for as an efficient means to 'surf the waves of whatever is going on', and help other people do the same. In 2015, she became a Mindfulness Instructor and in 2017 a Senior Instructor at MTI-Mindfulness Trainings International.

Her intent to follow a more mindful life was set, and she began a period of imersion  in silent  retreats, both in Brazil and abroad, which helped deepen her meditation practice.

She had a history of eating disorder that started in her teens and youth and is sensitive to the challenge and suffering that countless people face when trying to deal with eating in a healthy way, and the unreal challenge that often exists behind the numerous diet suggestions in the marketplace, generating a great deal of self-criticism and judgment.


In 2017, she obtained a certification in

MB-EAT- Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training created by psychologist and researcher Jean Kristeller PhD and nutritionist specialized in mindfulness Andreia Lieberstein, and in 2019 began her certification in ME-CL, Mindful Eating Conscious Living, created by psychologist Char Wilkins and Doctor and Roshi Zen, Jen Chozen Bays.

She continues to work as a translator Interpreter in training courses for instructors in Mindfulness and other courses, lectures and workshops, having had the privilege of working with Lama Tarchin Hearn and Lama Jangchub Reid. Jean Kristeller and Andreia Lieberstein, Jaap Dirkmaat from the Green Party of Holland, for the EcoSocial Institute, among others.

She worked for  doing versions in portuguese of meditation practices from different specialists, such as the mindfulness practices found on the best seller 'Real Happiness' authored by the founder of the Insight Meditation Center and great teacher in Loving Kindness, Sharon Salzberg.

She loves to witness the positive change mindfulness brings the participants who enroll in her programs and workshops.

She is an associated instructor at Parceria Humana Studio, based in Rio de Janeiro and operating in Rio and São Paulo.

Her greatest motivation and inspiration nowadays is to help people experience a better quality of life and easy access to a more genuine happiness, based on a gentle contemplation and investigation of the present moment, and the relations established during the programs.

She is thankful for  everyone she's had the privilege of meeting during these years.

Please be in touch, I'll be happy to clarify any questions or interests related to mindfulness with you.

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